The following digital prints were created by exploring the concept of ‘Concealing and Revealing Identity’ and defining words such as ‘No-identity’ and ‘Self-protection’. 


This project was inspired by watching multiple documentaries that sparked personal interest in the idea and reasons behind concealing the physical face to make a ‘no-identity’, an individual with a persona non existent.


The documentary of a tribal culture that was dying out supported in the creation of my concept, ‘how an identity of a culture can be protected through concealing and revealing personal identity’. More precisely, how through physically concealing an individual’s identity can result in creation of a group of individuals in the form of a new identity, revealing their cultural identity.


The documentaries that were my inspiration were ‘Mark Tobey, 1952’ by Robert Gardner and ‘The Drums of Winter, 1989’ by Leonard Kamerling and Sarah Elder.